Zingalify  is a Robust Online tool to manage your recruitment by streamlining the entire hiring process. Zingalify has two sections

Employers Section

Zingalify.com allows employers to create job postings and send out links to prospective candidates. A microsite of the brand is created automatically helping the employer to have a place to showcase its achievements, goals and values with reference to hiring.

Once the candidate has applied, the employer can easily send online tests to the prospective candidates. The candidates need to appear for the tests. Based on the scores of various candidates, the employer can shortlist candidates and schedule interviews through the platform itself.  


Candidates / Jobseekers Section

ZIngalify.com offers a Resume maker which helps candidates to make their resumes online and even take a PDF of it. 

Additionally, the candidates get updates for the job postings matching their criteria.

Zingalify.com also offers free tests for candidates to practice their skills and display their test results online.


Online Examination Solution 

Conduct large-scale online exams with our suite of digital tools

  •  Robust examination platform
  •  A suite of proctoring tools
  •  Evaluation management system
  •  Online certification platform

For Corporates

Talent Assessment Solutions

A suite of scientific assessment tools

  •  Psychometric assessments
  •  Behavioral assessments
  •  Aptitude assessments
  •  Technical assessments
  •  Communication skills assessments
  •  Coding Assessment Solutions
  •  Build high-performing coding teams using our suite of coding tools

 Coding assessments for all major technologies

 A suite of coding simulators

  • Coding interview tool
  • Hiring-Solutions
  • Hiring Solutions
  • Assess talent holistically and automate your hiring using our digital tools

 Talent screening assessments

  •  Online interview tool

  •  Online hackathon and ideathon platform
  •   L&D-Solutions


Automate your L&D processes using our digital tools

  •  High-potential identification

  •  Succession planning
  •  Leadership assessments
  •  Assessment & development centers
  •  360-degree feedback platform

Talent Is a Combination of Core Traits and Acquired Skills

Assessing both is the backbone of a comprehensive pre-hire assessment strategy
Core properties

Personality Traits
Characteristic patterns of thoughts, behaviors, cognitions and emotions that are specific to each individual

Behavioral Tendencies
Task-related behaviors that are critical to successful performance in the workplace

Cognitive Ability
The reasoning and problem-solving skills an applicant will need to perform the job

Acquired Skills

Domain Skills
Specific Role-based Knowledge And Technical Competence

Coding Skills
Right Coding Knowledge And The Ability To Solve Problems Through Code

Communication Skills
The Ability To Convey One’s Thoughts Meaningfully In The Language Used


What are Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric tests are assessment tools that are used to objectively measure a person's personality traits, aptitude, intelligence, skills, and behavioral styles. Psychometric assessments are widely used in career counseling and employment to help match a person's skills and personality with an appropriate career.

Psychometric Tests  =  Personality Tests +  Logical-reasoning 

What Are Behavioral Assessments?

Behavioral assessments are modern digital tools for measuring behavioral skills in a simulated work environment. These assessments require candidates to demonstrate their behavioral skills in an activity that is similar to an actual company situation.

Role Based Tests (including Aptitude Tests)
Problem-Solving Test

Aptitude Tests for Different Job Roles
Campus Hiring Test
Sales Potential Test (B2C)
Business Analyst Test
Leadership Aptitude Test
Managerial Potential Test
Executive Test
Entry-Level Aptitude Test
Administrative Test

 Quality and Coverage of Our Technical Assessment Questions is Unmatched

Front end development

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, AJAX, jQuery, Winforms, Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS, PopperJS, Knockout JS, Ionic framework, Express JS, Flutter, Svelte, Web, Assembly, Typescipt, Backbone JS, Redux JS, Chai JS, Mocha JS, Sinon JS, Ext JS
Back end development

Java Core, Python 3, Go, Node.js, Ruby, C sharp, .NET, PHP, C, C++, Apache Maven, Swing, ADO NET, Delphi, Unix Shell, Linux Shell, Java Spring, Java Hibernate, Python Django, Go Revel, Express JS, Socket JS, Ruby on rails, Express JS, Python Flask, Scala, Kotlin, Perl, Laravel, Java Grail, Java Play, Python Pyramid, Go Bugsnag, Go Beego, Hapi, Sails, Sinatra, Padrino

 Full stack Development

Java full stack, PHP full stack, C# full stack, MEAN Stack, MERN Stack, Django  Stack, Rails or Ruby on Rails, LAMP Stack, LEMP Stack.

Database Development

Java MySQL, PHP MySQL, Python MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Redis, Teradata, PL SQL, Amazon RDS, MongoDB, Cassandra, Oracle No SQL, Hbase, Hadoop, SQOOP, Talend, Amazon Aurora ,IBM cloud database, Amazon Dynamo, Couchbase, Clustrix, Nuo, Cockroach, Pivotal Gemfire, Volt, Citus, Vitees

Data Science

SAS, Pandas, Python Tensorflow, Python Psipy, DAX, Python Numpy, AI/ Machine learning, Big Data, R,python, Hadoop, Apache Hadoop, Power BI, Apache Spark, Scala.


Chef, Puppet, Ubuntu, Jenkins, Unix Shell, Linux Shell, Teamcity, Travis, TestNG, JUnit, Network/Cyber security, Bash, Docker, Ansible, AWS, Google cloud, MS Azure, Splunk, ELK Stack, Git, SVN, Vagrant, Nagios, Mercurial, CVS.

Qality Assurance

Selenium, Test complete, Javascript Testing Tool - Jasmine, PHP Unit, Junit, Jira,  JMeter, HP UFT, Pyunit, Automation Testing, Loadrunner, Agile Testing, Security  Testing, ELT Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing Pytest Unit  Testing Javascript Testing Tool - Mocha Mockito Neoload Cucumber SoapUI  Ranorex Catalon Studio Kualitee ,Javascript Testing Tool - Ava, Javascript  Testing Tool - Jest, Javascript Testing Tool - Tape, Javascript Testing Tool -  Puppeteer, Javascript Testing Tool - Qunit, PHP Spec, Codeseption, Mockery, Nose,  DocTest, Rspec, IBM RIT, SOASTA, Cloudtest, IBM RPT.

User interface developer
Front-end developers are rated on their ability to:

Design websites with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Use CSS libraries like BootStrap and preprocessors like Sass, LESS and Stylus
Work with JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React and Vue
Implement responsive design as needed
Test and debug the front-end code to make sure everything is in place
Use RESTful Services / APIs

Backend developer
Back-end developers are rated on their ability to:

Develop and code the back-end business logic
Build functional APIs
Implement and use various algorithms and data structures
Design and optimize database queries
Implement various programming paradigms
Work on advanced language-based frameworks

Full stack developer
Full-stack developers are rated based on their ability:

Combine front-end and back-end code
Work on both client and server applications
Build and use APIs
Work with SQL / NoSQL databases
Implement different architectures like MVC
Write unit tests for all application levels

Data scientist
Data scientists are rated based on their ability to:

Extract, clean, transform and load records
Wrangle and explore data
Identify the underlying relationships or dependencies
Visualize data for easy understanding
Predict future trends or predict a drift based on trends from previous data
Determine the pattern or motif of the data
Uncover anomalies in data

DevOps engineer
DevOps engineers are rated based on their ability:

Work on Linux systems and perform Linux scripting
Automate the infrastructure with configuration management tools
Manage and maintain source codes
Do continuous integration and testing
Virtualize and work with containers
Project environment: A web-based terminal

Quality assurance engineer
Quality assurance engineers are rated based on their ability to:

Generate test cases to test applications in multiple aspects
Program and write scripts to automate the testing process
Use various software testing techniques
Achieve a high level of test coverage of the source code
Link real-time scenarios with software tests

Database Developer
Database Developers are assessed on their ability to:

Write DDL and DML queries based on the requirements
Create stored procedures, functions and triggers
Identify the errors in the database and correct then
Optimize queries to boost performance of applications and db engine
Test the data from the databases to ensure it is not corrupted

Technical Assessments that Cover a Wide Range of Core Corporate Functions,  Industries & Skills

Hire the best HR Executive for your organization!
The human resources department is an important and vital department in an organization. Not only do they bring in the people who make the company what it is, they also create the culture with which the next generation of employees must adapt. They are responsible for the people, their well-being and their satisfaction in an organization. To fulfill such an important role, you need a team of skilled, active, and passionate people known as HR leaders.

Key profiles the test is useful for:
HR Executive
OD Executive
HR Consultant – Freshers
Learning & Development- Executives

Used this test for: 
Recruitment and selection of a right candidate for a human resources  executive profile
Talent maximization
Identify training and development areas

Psychometric sales analytics for hiring the sales team with high performance orientation

To build a high performing sales team, you need senior salespeople who are able to coach, motivate, and recruit salespeople while holding them accountable for their performance. To ensure that your sales managers focus on the measures and skills that have a significant impact on the sales success of your company, Zingalify B2B Sales Potential Assessment (Experienced) addresses these key questions:
Are your sales managers effective in developing and improving their sales team?
Are the strategies of your senior salespeople aligned with the company's overall sales strategy?
Do sales managers have the skills necessary to effectively manage sales?
Do sales managers focus their energies on the areas that most enable the sales rep to succeed?
Are your sales reps familiar with what is expected of them and the environment in which they are supposed to do it?

Uncover the gaps in sales management:

A high performing sales manager must have the right mix of sales disposition, customer focus, skills in planning and executing sales processes, and skills in strategic direction. Zingalify Sales Potential Assessment helps you to close gaps and develop sales managers with high potential.
Hiring the "right" sales talent and improving existing sales talent: Zingalify Sales Potential Assessment combines a detailed understanding of the B2B sales hiring process and special skills. Zingalify also offers tailor-made solutions for your individual business requirements in B2B sales.
Optimizing Sales Performance Through “Development Needs Analysis”: We create a roadmap that identifies the skills each individual needs to learn, the traits they need to develop, and the weaknesses they need to overcome in order to achieve top sales success.
Increase in sales: Equipped with validated findings with Zingalify Assessment, you can develop and initiate suitable strategies for sales talents in order to increase sales, turnover and business performance - and thus create a real competitive advantage.

Key profiles the test is useful for:

Sales manager / deputy sales manager
Regional / area sales manager
Area Manager
Relationship and key account manager
Senior Sales Engineer in IT / ITES / Manufacturing

Online Psychometric Test for Operations Managers - Identify candidates with operational expertise

The role of an operations manager is very diverse and requires the ability to multitask in order to build a resource framework for an optimal mix of people, processes, technology, product and costs in order to execute the operational plan in an organization. The Zingalify Operations Manager Assessment helps assess a candidate's ability to efficiently manage the smooth running of business, which includes planning, purchasing and sourcing, supply chain management and resource allocation, as well as defining, tracking and improving key metrics related to operational planning.

Also taking into account the fact that the abovementioned skills require the right skills and characteristics, the test measures a candidate's ability to pay attention to details, time management, interpersonal and leadership skills, planning company processes and activities, allocating resources Maximizing company bottom line and people skills.

Test can be used for:
Screening of a suitable candidate for an operations manager profile
Identify gaps and prepare your first managers
Talent Maximization
Identify training and development areas


Online Accounting Proficiency Tests - Hire talented accounting professionals for your business

Running a business requires the use of data, reports, records, analysis, accurate asset information, profits, debts, liabilities; and perhaps that is why accounting is vital to running a business. The accounting information is essential to running a business as it can be used to track expenses and income, ensure compliance with procedures and guidelines, and provide quantitative financial data to management, investors, and other stakeholders. Because of this, bookkeeping is an integral part of almost every business, whether it is practiced by an accountant, accountants for smaller companies, or a finance department for larger companies.

Some of the main functions of accounting are monitoring a company's financial health indicators (such as profit and loss account, balance sheet, financial position, etc.), analyzing financial accounts and reports, developing the accounting system, collecting economic data, preparing financial plans, etc.

Nowadays, accounting is directly linked to financial management. Due to prevailing factors such as business concept and management, the advent of international business communication, the growth of public companies, the horizons of companies have expanded significantly, allowing companies to make various business decisions based on multiple accounting data and information.

A thorough understanding of accounting is a critical parameter to consider before transferring this responsibility to anyone. So when new talent needs to be recruited into the company, you need to make sure that the candidate you choose has the essential accounting skills and the ability to do the job well. An accounting aptitude test is recommended here.


What is a preliminary balance test?

A pre-hire accounting test (also known as an accounting proficiency test) is an assessment conducted to ensure applicants are familiar with accounting principles, concepts, and terms. As part of the recruiting process, it helps weed out unsuitable applicants and narrow down the list of candidates, saving you a lot of time and allowing you to conduct interviews to only hire top candidates. The Accounting Assessment Test is one of many competency-based assessments from KKE Soteco | Zingalify.

Some applicants with work experience do not see it coming when they are asked to take an aptitude test. Why should you include an accounting proficiency test in your hiring and hiring process? Because accounting skills assessment tests, like KKE Soteco's | Zingalify, offer an objective, scientifically validated method for assessing the knowledge of test participants.

By including the accounting proficiency test in the recruitment test, you can ensure that the potential candidates you have shortlisted for interview have the required skills. You can also develop custom aptitude and skill tests that include test items tailored to the job role you are recruiting for.

Online financial proficiency test for the hiring and hiring of financial analysts and financial managers

Hire the best financial professionals by taking the financial valuation test

Financial analysis is considered one of the most sought-after careers in the financial services industry. A financial analyst conducts analysis for internal and external clients and examines data to explore opportunities or evaluate business decisions or results of investment proposals. Financial analysts are employed in both junior and senior roles within an organization. The analyst role can be an analyst, securities analyst, rating analyst, equity analyst, or investment analyst. These professionals leverage their extensive accounting and compliance experience to evaluate collected financial data, predict outcomes, drive processes, and make policy improvements. Financial analysts perform a variety of important roles, such as resolving financial and operational issues, reviewing key investment proposals, and keeping abreast of industry conditions and competitive initiatives.

Key responsibility for financial analysts

Analyze financial and operational results and propose recommendations for possible improvements
Carry out cost-benefit analyzes
Evaluate capital budgeting proposals and provide approval recommendations to management
Predict future business conditions based on various scenarios
Analyze and propose multiple types of investments based on a risk-return analysis
Stay up to date with the latest industrial developments
Carry out competitive analysis
Prepare financial models
Prepare spreadsheets and presentations to collate the results of the analysis and share the results with senior management
Stay up to date on developments in the industries in which the company operates
Review and generate reports based on past and current financial data
Create forecasts and reports based on financial analysis
Evaluate investments and depreciation
Explore multiple investment opportunities
Create and evaluate profit plans
Key qualifications that employers are looking for:

Excellent understanding of annual financial statements and analytical methods - financial analysis, management accounting, basics of accounting, financial management
Knowledge of analytical and financial modeling - statistics, Excel modeling and probability

Digital Marketing Assessments to measure critical employment skills

Digital marketing encompasses all strategic marketing activities that use the internet or electronic devices. Companies make optimal use of digital channels such as email, search engines, social media and other websites to interact with prospective or current customers. While traditional marketing and digital marketing are two sides of the same coin, what these efforts entail makes all the difference. While conventional marketing is largely implemented in print advertisements, physical marketing or telephone communication, digital marketing takes place electronically and online.

There are many ways for brands to connect with customers through media such as search engines, email, video, and social media. Right now, digital marketing initiatives are critical to brand and business awareness. Every business, big or small, needs a website. And if they don't already have one, they at least have a digital advertising strategy or social media presence.

The demand for qualified experts in digital marketing exceeds supply. Large, medium and small businesses are increasingly shifting from old school marketing methods to digital strategies. As a result, companies are looking for more digital marketers and the need for qualified experts is incredibly high.

The need for digital marketing skills almost doubled between 2011 and 2016.
During this period there has been an amazing demand for content marketers, followed by a high demand for digital analytics skills.
Digital marketing spend is projected to reach $ 146 billion by 2023, according to Forrester Research.
Knowing how to recruit the right digital marketer is an essential part of growing any business. If you've done the job too and are dealing with a huge pool of candidates, managing a digital marketing assessment is the most effective way to shrink the list to find the best candidates.
About the online digital marketing exam

A digital marketer is responsible for building brand loyalty of a product or service on computers, tablets or smartphones, etc., depending on where the target audience is located. Generating leads and driving a high volume of traffic to the website are the primary roles of a digital marketer. An online digital marketing test is used by hiring managers and recruiting teams to assess candidates' digital marketing skills in order to attract them to consultant / executive / specialist roles.

Subject matter experts are essential in the assessment development process. They help create high quality online test content, identify the goal, and ensure that each test item is relevant and critical. The digital marketing exam questions are carefully selected and carefully organized to measure your next employee's competencies according to industry standards. The digital marketing assessment is a useful tool for screening candidates on a first level and filtering out those candidates who do not meet the criteria, and it helps recruiters hire candidates without bias.

Hire Your Digital Marketing Expert at KKE Soteco | Zingalify's online marketing test

KKE Soteco | Zingalify's Digital Marketing Assessment Tests measure the candidates' marketing expertise in terms of critical aspects and perspectives and enable the recruiter to assess the specific skills of the participants. Being a digital marketer requires critical thinking, proactive decision-making, and understanding new trends in order to stay ahead of the competition.

The digital marketing aptitude test is designed so that the questions  precisely test the test-taker's ability to solve complex digital marketing  problems when it comes to the practical implementation of the skills. The  digital marketing online test provides employers with a simple yet,  remarkably efficient method to assess an aspirant's knowledge about Digital  Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Skills Test - Find the Right Solution for Your Business

Search Engine Optimization Skills Test: Helps you select candidates with the best skills
A search engine optimization specialist works on various aspects of the website to improve ranking and optimizes web pages / websites to improve their search results and increase website traffic and visitors. Assessing candidates in terms of knowledge of various tools, a basic conceptual understanding of how to drive traffic using search engines, and the ability to make website users SEO friendly is very important for businesses to ensure that the right people are coming to your website reach.

The Zingalify Search Engine Optimization Skills Test is specifically designed to help recruiters and hiring managers assess a candidate's ability to act on both a strategic and a tactical level. The assessment also assigns the logic and understanding of the test participant to the algorithms of Google, the website architecture and the networking of the web. Candidates who do well on this test can help organizations by:

Generate more traffic so that the right people reach your website (drive targeted traffic)
Generate more leads and increase the conversation rate of potential customers
Prominent use case:

The test brings its effective use case in hiring candidates with 0-2 years of experience working in digital marketing roles that require work on SEO. The test can be used for the recruitment of new students / new graduates in various marketing functions and across industries for the key profiles mentioned.


Social Media Marketing Skills Test - Find The Right Solution For Your Business

Social Media Marketing Skills Test: Helps you select candidates with the best skills
A social media marketer works effectively on business development through awareness building, audience retention, lead generation, and potential customer conversion. Assessing candidates' knowledge of various concepts and applications from various media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn - helps companies hire candidates who can communicate effectively with customers and bring your business to success.

Zingalify Social Media Marketing (SMM) Skills Test is a comprehensive functional test that enables recruiters / hiring managers to assess a candidate's ability to optimize social media by planning and running media campaigns, managing content development and execution, and website Management in addition to basic conceptual knowledge and understanding of various media platforms. Candidates who do well on this test can help organizations in the following areas:

Increase in website traffic
Generate more leads and increase the conversation rate of potential customers
Developing  a strong brand

Online Design Proficiency Tests - Identify the right graphic designers for your business
Graphic designers are responsible for creating visual concepts, visual images, themes, design materials using computer software or by hand to come up with ideas that inform, persuade and arouse curiosity to customers. These creative concepts are essential for a company's branding, product development and marketing activities. Graphic designers are experienced in using software to create the overall layout and do the production design for various applications such as advertisements, websites, magazines, and business reports.

Companies of all types use the help of experienced graphic designers to get their message across and create a strong brand position in the market. Graphic designers work in different environments. Some professionals are employed in either advertising or public relations firms; others work in marketing communications departments of organizations, government agencies, nonprofit groups, educational institutions, etc. These professionals can also either work for publishers or make a living as freelancers.

The Graphic Designer Aptitude Test is a useful tool to measure candidates' creativity and skills in graphic design. This creative aptitude test can help the recruiting team and hiring managers review candidates' professional skills and enable employers to screen and hire the best candidates. The following are the skills that should be assessed using a graphic design proficiency test:
Visual thinking 

Verbal ability

Abstract reasoning

Accuracy and precision

IT Skills

Adaptive and innovative creativity

Lifelong learning skills

Time management 

Knowledge of current and emerging trends

Many product and hiring managers are looking for skilled UX designers, but lack the surefire tools to accurately and objectively assess the logical thinking and problem-solving skills of aspirants. A UX design aptitude test can help here. By taking a design aptitude test online, employers can be assured that only candidates with the appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities will be the perfect match for their company.

Screening such candidates becomes easy when the competency assessment is done through KKE Soteco | . Zingalify's aptitude test for graphic designer takes place. These automated assessments come with the comprehensive analytical reports of each attendee who appeared. Of course, employers can hire potential candidates by taking the graphic design proficiency test.

Use online business aptitude tests to hire qualified business analysts for your company

Entrepreneurship: An unusual combination one might think, but this compound word is made up of these two words - talent and business. The former describes the ability to perform tasks while the latter is about doing things right. Business literacy is the ability to accurately and objectively grasp a business situation and to lead it to a successful outcome. Internet-age companies can organize and analyze data from customer experience touchpoints to make informed business decisions.

This data is critical to understanding business processes, functions, systems and processes as well as customer engagement, needs, preferences and more. An analysis of this data is crucial for the conception and design of services / products that drive the growth of the company. This is where data analysts play a vital role in driving business development. A business analyst uses his / her skills to analyze and interpret business data on industry-specific industries and extrapolate that data on a larger scale to help business leaders make informed decisions.

Hiring managers looking for talented business analysts identify suitable candidates by using online business aptitude tests instead of traditional interview methods. These assessments consist of tool-based and competency-based questions that provide relevant insights into the candidate's skills and areas of improvement. In contrast to archaic recruiting methods, which mostly follow a hit-or-miss approach, online placement tests, such as the candidate's performance, help.

Business Analyst Aptitude Tests are incredibly useful when hiring on campus and help identify candidates with critical thinking and analytical skills. It also simplifies the process of finding the right talent in a company. Companies can use business aptitude tests to find skill gaps and identify the training and development needs of the business analysts currently employed.

Business analysts conduct market research to identify business needs and gather data in order to conduct appropriate analysis and recommend solutions that will help companies achieve their goals. The analysts need a solid understanding of analytical thinking, data analysis, and critical thinking in order to measure and monitor business growth and risks. They should also have strong communication skills so that business messages are conveyed precisely and clearly.

About  Business Analysts Aptitude Tests 

The business analyst proficiency test is designed to assess the candidate's competence in understanding and analyzing business problems and suggesting the best method for solving them. The test was created and validated by experienced technical experts. The business aptitude test contains hand-picked and meaningful questions based on analytical thinking and problem solving, data interpretation, verbal skills, critical thinking and Excel.
The online business analyst aptitude test eases the process of identifying top talent for employers and recruiters, helping them hire better and faster. The test helps in accurately assessing the analytical, documentation, and interpretation skills of candidates. This business aptitude test allows the HR staff and hiring managers to filter out unwanted candidates before an interview.

English language assessment technology that combines the best of human and artificial intelligence

Globally recognized and actionable scores
The assessment methodology includes GER guidelines and tests for critical, non-trainable errors.

Patented and accurate technology
Speech X is based on the first-class speech evaluation and location technology from Carnegie Speech *.

Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention
Authenticate the candidate's identity and make your process verifiable with our proctoring technology.

Automatic evaluation on a scale with real-time reports
Make data-driven decisions by evaluating candidates without bias on a large scale.

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