Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is software that encompasses all the activities of an organization. KKE Manage is such an ERP software that is web-based and modular in structure, so that it can be effectively adapted to the requirements of the customer.
The KKE Manage ERP software is easier to use and very intuitive to use. The KKE Manage ERP software requires very little training as it is as simple as using a web-based email account.
The KKE Manage ERP software for production includes the complete cross-site production activity, WK calculations, inventory planning, job card system, project planning, quality, etc.
The ERP software is hosted in a cloud and grows with your company. The cost of implementing the ERP software is also kept low as the older computers can also be used to run the ERP software as the only software to run it is a web browser.
ERP software was mainly considered for back office work and a separate CRM was used for customer related processes. Today, ERP controls almost the entire organization and CRM is also part of the ERP system. Customers can now interact directly with various data in the organization such as the status of their orders, complaints, etc. by using their customer login data in the web-based systems. Suppliers can also log into their accounts on the purchasing / procurement page and carry out various processes, such as
As a manufacturing ERP, which KKE Manage must also have, is a maintenance module for the various assets of the organization. KKE Manage ERP manages the preventive maintenance of the systems according to the operating time protocol. KKE Manage can also be integrated into an offline PLC system that constantly monitors the production systems and receives notifications to all affected users in the organization in the event of a system failure.
KKE Manage ERP Software has an escalation notification system that notifies the supervisor if the action is not carried out for a specific user within a specified period of time. The time can be set depending on the type of task at hand.
The ERP software KKE Manage is built on the framework of the ISO 9001 quality management system (QMS) and makes it very easy for all companies that are already ISO 9001 certified to implement the ERP software and also helps companies that use the Implementation of ISO 9001 plan quality management systems

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