Our Approach to Strategy Consulting

Our approach is collaborative, teaming up with key executives within the client's organization and developing the business strategy in five main phases.


Baseline Assessment:

Together we reaffirm the mission, vision and values ​​of the organization and create a strategic context. Our strategy consultants also assess the current situation in terms of internal factors (financial, operational, products, customers and supply chain), external factors (market, industry, competition), opportunities and risks.



Using a variety of moderation tools, our management consultants work with the team to formulate the strategic vision, value proposition, competitive differentiation, and strategic alternatives (e.g. develop a skill or make an acquisition). This phase involves developing the high-level "strategic story", a strategic narrative that is powerful, compelling, and easy to remember.



 Our strategy consultants now develop the strategy in more detail with regard to goals, a three to five-year roadmap and important key figures.



 Now the strategy must be concretized in the form of strategic growth initiatives with detailed plans for each functional area. In this phase we also create the business case and together with the budget requirements (operational and capital).



The implementation of the strategic plan includes assigning responsibility for each initiative, program / project management, and organizational change management. Our execution services are described in more detail on our website.

Many business strategy projects have been planned for a long time, but rarely implemented. Our management consulting methodology provides a remedy in the evaluation phase by identifying the three to five most critical problems (the “critical few”) and transferring them directly to implementation. This allows for quick development of executable action plans in parallel with the remainder of the business planning process to develop the growth initiatives. This approach delivers faster results and exposes any potential problems the company is having in executing it.



What Is a Business Planning Consultant?

A business consultant is a person who advises any organization or business, starting with a business professional. As a consultant, he or she is responsible for overseeing the internal and external business strategies of a particular company or organization so that it can improve its productivity and compete.


From the lines above we got an idea of ​​what exactly a management consultant does for a company. As a professional, which services the Small Business Consultant from KKE Soteco offers, we focus on that. Business consultancy services begin as a consultant to the company. The consultant is not only responsible for advising what is right or wrong for the company. His services also include -


Works as an analyzer of the organization. KKE Soteco consultants can easily take responsibility and identify the gaps in the organization or company and solve problems if there are problems. Whenever a company embarks on a new project, our business consultants for startups take a look at the pros and cons of the project and recommend whether or not to implement it. To identify problems within an organization and to find a solution. Play the role of a data analyzer and create a report that will help the organization identify its target market, our experienced business consultants organize frequent meetings with management and try to implement innovative ideas, this will increase the productivity of the company. And ask them to use them in their individual project. It motivates them and they can evaluate their productivity at the same time. When financial management assistance is required, business advisory services provide that too for a specific challenging situation.


Why Do You Need A Business Consultant?

A business owner starting, taking over or learning to run a business is already under a lot of stress, but he or she often also plays the role of VP Finance, Director of HR, Sales Director, Marketing Specialist etc. in the same Time. Having so many responsibilities can quickly drain a small business owner's capacity and mental strength.

The expertise and objective view of a business consultant can help run a business. Consultants who specialize in a wide variety of industries and areas including finance, human resources, marketing and sales are readily available in KKE Soteco. A strategy advisor can offer the following benefits:

Small Business Consultant's advisory skills:

Consultants are valued for their knowledge, expertise and influence. Additionally, KKE Soteco consultants work with a wide variety of industries so they may be more familiar with more business trends, challenges and new technologies than in-house employees.

Cost savings

When you hire a business consultant, you only pay for the services you need, when you need them. This can result in significant savings compared to hiring an employee to do the same job.

Time saving

Consultants have experience, so they already know best practices. Using lean principles, a consultant can analyze a company's manufacturing process and identify inefficiencies very quickly. The business owner does not need to invest time and resources in any activity that can be performed by a contractor's expert in the field.


The solutions offered by KKE Soteco Small Business Consultants are not the same for everyone. To be valuable, they need to know each client's business and goals in order to tailor their advice and strategy advice to the specific needs of the company.

Business consultants from KKE Soteco are much more effective than generic consulting services due to their individualization. In this case, a government grant advisor can identify grant programs that are clearly applicable and most likely to be successful for your company.


Choosing a business consultant: why is it so important?

Small and medium business entrepreneurs are often under a lot of pressure. In addition to starting, acquiring, or learning to run a business, business owners typically play multiple roles at once, including finance director, human resources manager, sales manager, marketing manager, and many more. Business consultants specialize in a variety of areas and industries including strategy, operations, human resources, finance, finance, IT, sales, and marketing.


Companies hire consultants from KKE Soteco to provide advice and solutions to problems. Below are some of the benefits of hiring a small business consultant:


1. Specialization with business consultants

The main strengths of an expert are knowledge and influence. A corporate employee may not have the same in-depth knowledge of business trends, industry challenges, or new technologies and processes as a consultant.


2. Reduced costs

The services provided by consultants are only billed as needed, based on your needs. Business consultants who specialize in a wide variety of areas - lean manufacturing, proactive finance, financial planning, and so on - can identify areas where you are spending more than necessary and help you cut costs.


3. Save time

Business consultants know what works and what doesn't because they are experienced. Inefficiencies in manufacturing processes can be recognized very quickly by a lean consultant. Rather than reinventing the wheel or spending time doing activities that skilled workers can do, consultants allow business owners to focus their time and attention on what they do best.


4. Goals

Because consultants are not emotionally tied to how a business works, they can identify and address a number of challenges faster, whether it's implementing new technology or completing a merger.


5. Adaptability

A consultant cannot offer an all-encompassing solution. The needs of each customer are assessed by our competent management consultants and the advice and strategy advice are tailored to the specific challenges of the company. The services of a counselor are more effective than general counseling services because they are tailor-made.


How does a management consultant serve your company?

Business consultant is a person who helps entrepreneurs solve their problems through business consulting and also helps them start their own business. This advisor also helps find the right business partners and also helps them run the business properly. The business consultant also helps with business planning and so on. They help the entrepreneurs manage the budget properly and also help them start their business. These advisors help the entrepreneurs find the right people to run the business and also help them run the business. The business consultant also helps the entrepreneurs to find the right solutions to solve their problems and also assists them in starting their business. The consultant also helps the entrepreneurs manage the clients properly


How KKE Soteco can help

There are several ways to make money in life. One possibility is to promote your brand in the world market under the guidance of a consultant. KKE Soteco has some highly qualified business consultants from various fields who can provide solutions to customer problems by advising them on their business operations. Our business consultant will also help you grow your business by helping you understand your customers and what you can do for them.

  • We will provide business consulting services
  • We will help you to grow your business
  • We will help you to market your business
  • We will provide all necessary business documents
  • We will help you to produce your business idea into a business plan
  • We will help you to create a budget for your business
  • We will help you to determine the right investments for your business
  • We will help you to create a business marketing plan

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