Server Management Services

In this digital age, disrupting your online business presence is proving to be very expensive. Inadequate management of servers, storage, networks, and backups leads to delays and outages that directly affect the availability of your business to users online. Internal IT teams may be understaffed or poorly equipped to serve servers online 24/7. With skilled employees, mature processes, and the right equipment, managing servers can become very expensive.

If your company doesn't explicitly manage servers and networks, you save yourself time, hassle, and all those disgruntled customers / users. When you choose the best KKE Soteco server management services, rest assured. No matter where your server is hosted; Everywhere on the internet or even at your location, we manage it.

Let our team of qualified employees with over 15 years of mature, proven processes and the right equipment manage your servers. Remote management of servers is our specialty.

Our wide range of services takes care of the manageability of your daily internet operations so that you can concentrate on your core business. We can help you avoid costly expenses on administration teams, security, equipment, bandwidth, data protection and connectivity while maintaining excellent SLAs.

Our engineers design or modify, set up networks and maintain them to function optimally within your specific business needs to avoid downtime at competitive prices.


Server Management – Unique Features

Server maintenance

We develop customer-specific support packages to ensure ongoing preventive maintenance, system administration and secure remote monitoring at a fixed monthly price.

Application hosting

This service is designed to dramatically reduce your infrastructure costs, improve system reliability, and optimize performance. We offer first class facilities through operational know-how.

Database hosting

Our team of qualified and experienced DBAs manages all optimization, security and performance optimization requirements of your business-critical and sensitive databases on MS SQL / MySQL / PostGreSQL.

Security services

A secure infrastructure is the key to successful business. Our experts create, monitor and maintain a solution that best protects your network around the clock

Firewall services

We can help you fully design, deploy, monitor and manage all of your requirements to host your applications behind a secure firewall.

Managed backup services

We can help you determine your backup needs, define a backup policy, deploy and manage the solution.

24 × 7 surveillance services

We offer a robust, automated platform to monitor the vital services of your dedicated server around the clock. The services are monitored at company level through our use of monitoring servers from various data centers. Whenever the monitoring server detects an anomaly outside the specified response range of the server, an alert is sent. We are able to configure and monitor any simple or very complex parameters of your IT infrastructure.

Linux Server Management

cPanel Server Management

Plesk Server Management

AWS Server Management

Cloud Server Management

Windows Server Management


KKE Soteco offers world class cPanel Server Management, Centralized Server Management, Hosting Server Management, Windows Server Management, Cloud Server Management, Print Server Management, Plesk Server Management, VPS Server Management or IIS Server Management. If you are looking to get best Server Management Services, get in touch with us now.

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